The Incredible Jazz Organist - Dan Fogel

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Cosmic Karma:  Vivid colors and abstract images of technology represent what a visitor from outer space might find if he landed on earth.
Beyond Time:  Symbols and characters fom the realms of past, present, and future are collectively interwoven into a background of cascading colors creating a quality of movement and dance.
Triangles:  An interesting study surround male and female triangles interested in learning more about one another.
Ships:  Inspired by the artist's love of sailing, Dan's first work of art is an image of a ship appearing to have a textural pattern one can almost reach out and feel.
Celestial Supersonic Fish:  An explosive, celestial representation of a tropical fan-tailed fish swimming in a sea of turquoise blue and rainbow colors.
The Johnny Carson Show:  Time is frozen as a young girl watches the Johnny Carson Show.  Fogel playfully exhibit's the cantankerings of our civilizations through the use of icons of our past and present civilization.
Six:  A compassionate eye is at the center of this piece, overlooking and surrounding a flow of colors, symbolic figures, and an impressionistic sky.  The viewer is granted admission to exploration of life on another planet.
Duck Calling Home:  A cosmic voyeur looks out upon a backdrop of night sky, planets, and high-rises, utilizing a vast array of deep, rich colors.  Featured is a keyboard ascending against the sky.